‘Our focus is transforming the lives of children in Dhaka’s slums, supporting them as well as their families.’

Quais Shafiq ul Hassan (Co-founder)



Children’s Hope was set up in the year 2000 with three key aims in mind – providing education for the most disadvantaged children residing in Dhaka’s urban slums in Bangladesh, providing them with healthcare and offering vital support for their families. These opportunities offer a transformative lifeline to the most underprivileged and hard-to-reach children and their families. We offer hope to those struggling to exist in these urban slums. 




Children’s Hope Bangladesh is the service provider that implements a number of initiatives including education, healthcare and community development projects in Dhaka's urban slums. The charity is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh, as well as the Directorate of Social Welfare. It has its Executive Committee that manages its activities. Children’s Hope Bangladesh receives financial assistance from both local donors, as well as Children’s Hope UK which raises funds from a number of UK-based sources.


Children’s Hope UK is the fundraising wing of Children’s Hope Bangladesh. They commission a number of initiatives to advance education, healthcare and community development projects in Dhaka. Children’s Hope UK Ltd is registered with the Charity Commission UK.


Our aim is to educate underprivileged slum children and develop the long-term sustainability of their communities within Dhaka's slums. We achieve this in a number of ways, from free health care to providing Sustainable Living Grants for parents to set up their own businesses. The stipulation for these benefits is that the child remains in school and demonstrates their engagement by completing their homework to a satisfactory level. The reason behind this is that many families need their children to work in order to survive, and with the child in school they would lose a source of income. But at Children's Hope we know how important a child's education is – how it can transform the child’s life chances and their family's quality of life. Giving the children of Dhaka this opportunity is our dedicated mission.



Microcredit Officer

Anamul Haque, Junior Program Officer.jpg

‘’I am Enamul Haque. I have been working to assist parents to acquire small loans so that they can invest in their businesses. It gives me great pleasure to see how many poor families flourish with a little extra help from microcredit loans’’

Jaki shahrier kanak

IT Supervisor

Jaki Shahrier Kanak, IT Supervisor (1).JPG

‘’I enjoy teaching basic IT-courses to Children’s Hope students. These courses help develop IT skills and give students confidence in dealing with both software and hardware computer functions.’’


Respite Care Officer 

Mitali Chiran, Care Officer.jpg

"I look after Disabled children when their mothers are at work. The work I do is challenging but very rewarding indeed."



Sustainable Livelihood Officier

"Sustainable project supports families to overcome their crisis situations. This project is one of the most successful children’s Hope projects and I feel great to be part of it."


Nutritional Officer

Zulfikar, Program Officer.jpg

“Our nutrition program keeps children healthy and I'm proud to be involved in reducing malnutrition in poor students”.

Mahfuza AKTER

Logistics and Support Supervisor

"It gives me a great pleasure to be able to manage the Children’s Hope’s disability centre which helps many disabled children living in slums to have a better quality of life"              


See what money we’ve raised and how we spend it to give hope to those living in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our total income in 2017 was 15,104,910 Taka (£143,856)

2017 Direct PROGRAMme COSTs

£1 = 105 Taka | Highlight segments for figures


£1 = 105 Taka | Highlight segments for figures



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