Past - Present - Future - Fahim


  • Studens Name: Fahim Shahriar Sourov
  • Date of Birth: 18/01/2005
  • Date joined Childrens Hope: 2016
  • Name of School: Al-Haz Abbas Uddin High School, Mirpur
  • Family members: 4
  • Earning Source: Sales Representative

My father works as a sales person in a small company. His take-home income is too little to manage my education expenses after maintaining all our family needs. We are living in poverty, and at times we go to bed hungry.  Now that I have received sponsorship from Children’s Hope it means I do not have to worry about my education. I feel I need additional tuition and already CH has given me hope to have my own coaching opportunity.

The nutrition facility is an excellent way to ensure good health for all the students and I am very happy to avail the facility. In addition, comprehensive healthcare for all the family members provides a unique service not seen in other charities.

I would like to be an Engineer (Civil). I’ll help to install environmentally friendly infrastructures.