• Studens Name: Asaduzzaman Noor
  • Date of Birth: 01/07/2006
  • Date joined Childrens Hope: Janurary 2016
  • Name of School: Bhashantek High School
  • Family members: 4
  • Earning Source: Sales Man (Store Shop)

When I was enlisted as a sponsor child of CH my father become more relaxed financially. Beforehand, my father couldn’t pay my school tuition fees as he is the only bread earner and his income was not adequate. Now I feel comfortable that CH has come to me and I hope it will keep supporting me through my education.

I also have a health problem – I have a tumour in my mouth which has been there for many years but I could not treat the tumour due to lack of money and as a result it has been getting bigger in size.  Being a sponsored child of Children’s Hope my family and I now receive family healthcare and I have already started to receive Medicare to treat my tumour.

I want to be an Engineer and I now have confidence to fulfil my ambition because in my long education journey Children’s Hope will be supporting me throughout.