Shahadat Hossain - Children’s Hope found employment for me as Development Officer at a local industry.

"From an early age I have been involved in contributing to the overall family income whilst simultaneously continuing my school education. Managing both tasks was not easy.  This was when Children's Hope came forward and sponsored me at the age of 13.  Sponsorship has removed a huge burden from my shoulders because the organisation was not only supporting my education cost, but also helping my family, both in terms of total healthcare as well as other support. With the help of Children’s Hope education support, for about 11 years, I have successfully completed my school, college and university education. Following my graduation in finance I was seeking a suitable employment, once again  Children’s Hope was there for me to help me take another step in my career development. Children’s Hope found employment for me as a Development Officer at a local industry. I have been working there for the last 11 years and gradually I have been promoted to managerial level.  I now earn enough money and my family are all well off as a result. Today I have stamped out poverty from our daily life and Children’s Hope has been the catalyst for my success." Shahadat Hossain