(P)Zahidul Islam Shimul

“My name is Zahidul Islam Shimul. I am now 15 years old and from Bhasentec, a slum in Dhaka: I have been with Children’s Hope since I was in class eight. Now that I am a sponsored child with the charity, I do not have any more worries about my education. Before, I was not at all sure if I could continue my education, as my father was a hotel boy who earned little - we were never sure we could pay the fees. However, when I became a sponsored child of Children’s Hope I got all the opportunity to study and it is really paying off; I have been scoring the highest marks possible in the Junior School Certificate. Now I receive all facilities for my education as well as healthcare and treatment from the charity. In the future, I want to be an engineer, to be successful and help my family. Then I would be in a position to help other children who are in the same position as me.”